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These Informative and easy to read booklets are designed to assist the beginning collector. They also contain stories and information that will renew the interest of the more advanced hobbyist.

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The Wonderful World of Paper Money

By Neil Shafer
  • The Wonderful World of Paper Money
    The Wonderful World of Paper Money
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Paper Money! In various sections presented in this booklet, you will find out a little about a lot of different kinds of paper currency and related items. With a little imagination, such pieces can take you through a panorama of human existence - - hard times, financial chaos and ruinous inflation, the rules of dictators and despots, great wartime battles, and much more.

Collecting World Paper Money

By Lance K. Campbell
  • Collecting World Paper Money
    Collecting World Paper Money
Welcome to the world of pounds, dollars, francs, gulden, rupees, yen, and pesos. Welcome to the world of paper money! When you collect world paper money you can travel to any country on the globe without leaving your living room. See the pyramids of Egypt, the cedars of Lebanon, and the Rock of Gibraltar. Join Columbus on his trip to the New World. See the great painting and sculptures of the world. Get to know presidents, dictators, and warriors.

Collecting National Bank Notes

By Ron Horstman
  • Collecting National Bank Notes
    Collecting National Bank Notes
This booklet provides the collector with facts concerning national currency. These notes, issued by over 11,000 banks, some of them still in operation, are truly "home town" currency. In addition to facts about this type of currency, a list of research material is included that will afford the readers an opportunity to continue the study of their local as well as national history.

Collecting U.S. Obsolete Currency

By Gene Hessler
  • Collecting U.S. Obsolete Currency
    Collecting U.S. Obsolete Currency
The purpose of this booklet is to introduce you to the pleasures of collecting obsolete currency. While no one should tell another person what to like, we are often asked "How do I collect obsoletes?" In order to answer that question we have summarized the development of paper money in the United States and we have explored the ways others have collected this extremely interesting and visually exciting material. This booklet was not designed to make you an instant expert but it should provide enough information to get you started.

Collecting Fractional Currency

By Neil Shafer
  • Collecting Fractional Currency
    Collecting Fractional Currency
This booklet is all about small pieces of United States paper money called "Fractional Currency." Such a name is appropriate because all the notes were issued in denominations of less than $1.00, hence the name "fractional" - - fractions of a dollar.

Collecting Military Payment Certificates

By P.C.D.A.
  • Collecting Military Payment Certificates
    Collecting Military Payment Certificates
Funny money, play money, Mickey Mouse money, and many other names were used for the unusual type of money that was introduced at the end of World War II to pay troops and discourage black market operations. Officially this money is known as military payment certificates. Collectors (and soldiers when they did not use one of the above names) almost universally call it MPC.

Collecting Large Size U.S. Currency

By Gene Hessler
  • Collecting Large Size U.S. Currency
    Collecting Large Size U.S. Currency
They should be classified as national treasures. Those examples of U.S. paper money, issued between 1861 and the late 1920's, which often reflect early American life, are miniature engraved works of art that among collectors are considered national treasures. Colloquial names to identify some of those treasures are: buffalo bill, educational, porthole, rainbow, tombstone, technicolor, watermelon, woodchopper, and yes, jackass. To handle one of these treasures is to hold history in your hands. In addition to engraved images of statesmen and the wife of a president, they portray and evolutionary, revolutionary, and historical events.

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