PCDA Awards

The John Hickman National Bank Note Exhibit Award

1996 James A. Simek
1997 Mart Delger
1998 Bob Cochran
1999 C. Keith Edison
2000 Robert J. Perry
2001 James A. Simek
2002 Thomas Minerley
2003 Richard Dreger
2004 Bob Moon
2005 Charles Dean
2006 James A. Simek
2007 James A. Simek
2008 James A. Simek
2009 Jess Lipka
2010 James A. Simek
2011 Andrew A. Shiva
2012 James A. Simek
2013 Steve Carr
2014 Andrew A. Shiva
2015 James A. Simek
2016 Andrew A. Shiva
2017 Bob Moon
2018 James A. Simek

The President's Award

1991 Gene Hessler
1998 Kevin Foley
2004 Peter Huntoon
2011 Martin Delger and Lyn Knight
2016 Sergio Sanchez, Jr.

The PCDA Literary Award

2004 Don C. Kelly National Bank Notes, A Guide with Prices (4th Edition with companion CD)
2004 Robert J. Kravitz A Collectors Guide to Postal Fractional Currency
2005 Pierre Fricke Collecting Confederate Paper Money
2006 Q. David Bowers Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-1866
2007 Hugh Shull A Guide Book of Southern States Currency
2009 Fred Reed Abraham Lincoln, The Image of His Greatness
2018 Don C. Kelly Obsolete Paper Money- A Guide with Prices

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National Currency Convention Changed to March 2017

Cool Currency! PCDA Convention Nov. 2016

Andrew Shiva and the National Currency Foundation

Chicago Coin Club Offers Numismatic Education to I

PCDA Membership Offers Protection for Bank Note Co

PCDA National Currency Convention Specializes in P

Sergio Sanchez Receives PCDA Presidents Award.

Cool US and World Currency at Collectorama 2021!


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